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It’s the government’s best case scenario for the Polish »In a statement issued on Thursday, the group announced that the agreement” divorce “concluded last year with London is fair and can not be renegotiated. “Especially when it comes to the backstop. (…) Without such protection, the European Parliament does not consent to an agreement (in the UK exit from the EU – PAP) “- also napisano.zobacz: Hungarian press: Brexit already difficult situation of some companies in Hungary» Backstop is very high on both sides of the controversy channel solution, which assumes that in the absence of any other agreement with the EU United Kingdom would be forced to remain in the customs union and the common elements of the EU market, and also makes it could lead to the creation of the so-called. regulatory boundaries between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. In the first round of presidential elections held on Sunday, Tymoshenko took third place; ahead of the comedian and television Volodymyr Żeleńska fighting for re-election Poroshenko. “Poroshenko falsified the elections and should not be in the second round, which got ill. I know I ask yourselves whether the team will go with it to court to challenge the results of the vote. I can say at once that we do not go to court” – He said former prime minister. Tymoshenko assessed that Poroshenko “privatized judicial system” and appeals of election results is meaningless. “Only in this way will lose time and we hope for it, what does not make sense to have hope” – she said. Also ensured that there would be urged people to protest against the election results. “You know in what state is the state, which was brought to the edge of survival. We understand that inciting people to protest can become an opportunity for the aggressor (Russia), which leads against Ukraine war. Destabilization of Ukraine, internal conflicts is something that I will never let “- said Tymoshenko. The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Ukraine said on Tuesday afternoon that after counting of data from more than 99 percent. protocols Żeleński received 30.23 percent. support, and Poroszenkę voted 15.92 percent. voters. Tymoshenko received 13.39 percent. votes. The second round of presidential elections will be held on April 21. From Kiev Yaroslav Junko (PAP) mLegitymacja is a joint initiative of the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Digitalization, which is part of the application mObywatel. “The holidays bring mLegitymację – took many a password to the heart. The result? The exponential growth of interest in the smartphone legitimacy. We look forward to the next willing” – says the statement of the Ministry of digitization. It was pointed out that filling out a form is the first and most important step toward that particular school that students can use student card in the phone, or mLegitymacji. The form must be completed by the school principal or the person indicated by him. “Why all this? First of all, for the convenience of students and parents peace of mind” – explains the Ministry of Digitization. “MLegitymacja a school ID card in the phone. Few teenager – wherever they chose – forgets to bring the phone. Therefore, thanks to installed in the mLegitymacji, parents eliminated the stress of youthful distraction and loss of opportunity for discounts at the cinema or communication city ​​”- says in a press quoted Minister Marek Zagorski digitization. “MLegitymacja is a full-fledged document. Same as paper card certifies students rights to concessions and discounts,” – he added. mLegitymacje may be issued to pupils of primary and secondary schools, public and private. To start, students must have a phone with Android operating system version at least 6.0. The mobile document are stored all the data that can be found in the traditional legitimacy: student’s name, card number, date of issue, expiry date, user status (student), date of birth, social security, address, the name and address of school. Mobile ID card can get every student to whom it was issued the traditional version of the document. MLegitymacji validity period is the same as the validity of the earlier version of the traditional. In case of loss of validity of the traditional card, a mobile version of the document will be invalidated. The school will also be able to cancel the document in case of loss mLegitymacji – due to eg. Damage, lost or incorrect operation of the mobile device, where it was stored. Ministry of Education, which also encourages the use of mLegitymacji, insists that it is a safe, modern and free tool. Ministry stresses that mLegitymację difficult to forge. You can visually verify it has safeguards such as a hologram and animated flag. Additionally, in case of doubt, you can use a communal mWeryfikator application that will check not only the authenticity of the document, but also the fact that the document has not been registered in school (eg in the case. Lost phone). Students can use mLegitymacji in the same situations that currently use traditional + + documents. Not only the inspection of tickets, but also eg. The establishment of a library card or buying tickets to the movies. mLegitymacja gives the right to obtain additional, entitled students discounts. It enables the issuance of the existing regulation of the Minister of National Education on certificates, diplomas and other printed documents state school. Since September last year, schools have the possibility of issuing pupils and students with student cards in paper form (ie as before) or in electronic form. Passes in electronic form, so-called. e-ID cards, is a plastic card the size of a credit card. Two forms of legitimacy kindergarten, which is a paper and electronic, are also provided for disabled children attending kindergarten. The costs of issuing e-card cover school boards. (PAP) Author: Danuta Starzyńska-Rosiecka The investigation conducted by the DNA relates to suspicions, according to which the former prime minister “has committed acts of corruption, to raise funds to finance the costs of the election campaign.” It had to walk among for the purchase by state-owned companies 40 000 licenses of Microsoft for $ 26 million US dollars, for which – according to DNA – Tariceanu would receive 800 000 US dollars bribe. Tariceanu denied the allegations and accused the Romanian judicial authorities about the “anti-democratic and antykonstytucyjne action” against his person. In 2014 to take part in similar activities related to the purchase of a license of Microsoft’s Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has accused several former ministers. In the years 2001-2012 the Romanian government has invested in the purchase of equipment and computer programs from Microsoft and a group of Fujitsu Siemens Computers for Schools 4 million US dollars, of which – according to DNA – the 20 million US dollars were to collect ministries and private companies intermediary in transactions. Political observers consider it unlikely that the Romanian Senate, where the parties have a majority government, agreed to deprive the President of his immunity. (PAP) Earlier, a number of American media reported that a former lawyer Trump has entered into an agreement with federal prosecutors and pleads guilty, which means that it will cooperate with investigators. How commenting agencies, Cohen testify about his former employer may have very serious legal consequences for Trump. Official “The Hill” emphasizes that his testimony may charge the president and his family. Reuters writes that the settlement, which went on Cohen may mean that he will provide information to investigators Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigating the possible interference of the Kremlin in the US elections and the possible collusion between people and the environment Trump officials also Rosji.zobacz Trump: When I appear, the Democrats give up »It was Mueller gave the FBI findings of his team on Cohen’s office in April agents raided his office and hotel room. Cohen was also covered by the investigation because of the possible breach of electoral law, because he paid 130 thousand. dollar porn actress Stormy Daniels to make her silence on the alleged affair with Trump. Cohen already gave investigators to understand that he is ready to testify, among other things, on the fact that Trump knew in advance about the meeting with the Russians his son Donald Trump Jr. and his election staff representatives in 2016 at the Trump Tower. During these talks the Russian lawyer Natalia Weselnicka had to offer compromising information about fellow recruits in the presidential election the Democrats Hillary Clinton.zobacz the Trump backed security clearance b. The Director of the CIA »Trump had previously stated that he knew nothing about the meeting, which is one of the key points of investigation by Mueller. Initially Trump and his lawyers were convinced that Cohen chooses not to testify about a former employer. When there are signs that it may decide to cooperate with investigators, president and Rudy Giuliani, who is the main advocate Trump on Russiagate, they launched a media attack on Cohen. Giuliani called him a “scoundrel” and “pathological liar and manipulator.” Cohen has been a lawyer for over a decade, and – as capture Agencies – “załatwiaczem” Trump and belonged to his inner circle. CNN’s agreement that he made with prosecutors stipulates that he will spend “some time” in prison. Fox Television announced that it will be three to five years’ imprisonment. On Saturday, the Polish ambassador in Kiev, Jan Hell was summoned to the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine urgently in connection with the non-admission to the Polish secretary of the Interdepartmental Commission of Ukraine for. Commemorations Svyatoslav Szeremety.Alarm! A sharp dispute with Ukraine, the insulation in the European Union, a departure from the rule of law and the courts niezawiłości attack on non-governmental sector and free media – Justice strategy or plan for the Kremlin? Too similar to sleep spokojnie.- Donald Tusk (@donaldtusk) November 19, 2017 On Wednesday, the EP adopted a resolution calling on the Polish government to comply homework market with the provisions relating to the rule of law and fundamental rights, as enshrined in the Treaties. MEPs also launched its own procedure to run the art. 7 of the EU Treaty to Polish. MEPs voted against the resolution PiS, SLD abstentions, MEPs PSL did not participate in the vote. Most PO abstained, but the six MEPs also supported the dokument.zobacz Donald Tusk with the recognition of the occurrence of Beata Awl in Gothenburg » This is a change compared to the previous announcement. So far reported that Parliament Speaker will be the leader of the Warsaw list of KO, and Civic Platform deputy was to be a “single one” list in WrocławiuPonadto Civic Coalition candidate for future prime minister will be Civic Platform deputy – said on Tuesday PO leader Grzegorz Schetyna. In his opinion, Civic Platform deputy knows life knows what they need Polish family, was a great marshal of campaign event Tuesday Sejmu.Na Civic Coalition, PO leader said that the Civic Coalition candidate for future prime minister will be present Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Civic Platform deputy. “I do not know how it could previously not fall. But it’s so obvious,” – said the Parliament Speaker. See also: Parliament Speaker: we make a motion of censure against the minister of justice »” You have to listen to people, you really need to listen to the people. And Margaret, Varsovian, successful woman, mother, people can listen to. With the same attention and respect talking with the Ambassador of the Philharmonic, as and the clerk at the city bazarku. and in one, and the second case, the caller can establish just as warm and cordial relationship “- said the leader PO.zobacz: Parliament Speaker: the MS system works comparable to the Bolshevik method of killing” According Schetyna, Kidawa -Błońska “knows life knows what they need Polish family, was a great Speaker of the Sejm.” “You always want to communicate for the good of Polish men and women. Maybe it’s in the genes? Her one great-grandfather was President of the Second Republic Stanislaw Wojciechowski, and the second Prime Minister of the Second Republic Wladyslaw Grabski. Both of them have not worked for any political party, only Polish, as Margaret “- he stressed the head of the PO. Frankowicz not benefit trade wars / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d. createElement (s); js.id = id; js.src = “https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script” “VT-SDK”)); / ** / After the Sejm on Wednesday held a demonstration against changes in the judiciary – including organized the Polish Citizens, Women and the National Strike Committee for the Defense of Democracies. During Friday’s protest, demonstrators came to scuffles with police. Police arrested four people then. On Sunday, Mr Peter Modern Misiło announced on Monday that it will submit to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw notification on suspicion of committing a crime by officers who on Friday arrested David Winiarski and Piotr Adamczyk. “The crime committed by our police, which directs Joachim Brudzinski, a colleague Zbigniew Ziobro of PiS” – said Misiło. Jaroslaw Kaczynski lawyer representing the two detainees, argued that not committed any crime, yet they were detained. “They were beaten,” – he commanded. He said that the notification concerns the possibility of committing crimes by two officers: exceeding the powers of the police officers and causing bodily harm, exceeding seven days for Winiarski and Adamczyka.zobacz also Suski: I have the impression that the opposition wants in Poland there was bloodshed »on Sunday afternoon, police announced on Twitter that” David W. after hearing allegations of infringement of personal inviolability public officer left the police station in the same state as it was before there arrives at. ” “Without the corset and bandages, but with free access to a lawyer” – underlined. The post has been included as a short film where you can see yourself leaving the police station a smiling David W. Briefingowi Misiły listened spokesman KSP phones. Marczak New Year’s Eve. As he spoke to journalists by the police “is full transparency” in terms of what happened in the last days before the Sejm. He stressed that the police in recent days to respond only breaking the law by using means of direct coercion. Inquired about the reason for arrest of four people during Friday’s demonstration, he said that they tore police, throwing objects at them and, in one case, there was a megaphone hitting the officer in the face. “I personally indicate any person who is in your account may be in violation of the inviolability of charge and does not indicate that this is exactly the name given to a person” – he stressed.


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