There are a variety of methods to improve your Mac performance. The first step is to start the Activity Monitor to look for memory usage issues. Select the processes you’re experiencing and then press Quit. If you want to quit, click Quit. the program is taking over a lot of memory. You can use the System Memory tab as well to check if there are any processes that run slow within your Mac.

Another cause of your Mac’s speediness is CPU. If you’re running a program which is making use of CPU, you should stop it. To do this, open the Activity Monitor and press the “X” button underneath the small window’s buttons. Then, you can utilize Google to search for the applications that consume the most CPU power but you don’t know the ones. You should be able determine which applications can slow down your computer’s performance.

When your drive is full the drive can also trigger your Mac to be slow to operate. Too many applications consume the entire memory of your computer, which makes your operating system run slower. Make sure to delete any files aren’t being used or move them to another drive. Open Activity Monitor to see a list of running processes in your Mac. There are a few issues that mac os big sur slow should be visible – it is an indication that your Mac is running too many programs all at the same time.

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